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Network Types

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 18 Apr, 2011 21:07:29
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Network categories

Various types of personal networks are known according to their specific dimension that involves machines installed and utilized, bandwidth, and coverage. Networks that are private are usually those networks that belong to a group of companies.

These networks are categorized into three, namely:

Wide Area Network

Metropolitan Area Network

Local Area Network

Other network categories

There are other two network categories, such as:

1. Campus Area Networks similar to Metropolitan Area Network but it has limited data transfer speed between the Local Area Network of each individual network

2. Tiny Area Network with smaller coverage of connectivity about two to three devices compared to Local Area Network

Wide Area Network

Over great distances of geographical locations, the extended network or Wide Area Network is able to perform connectivity links between several Local Area Networks. With respect to the connections cost boosting along with range and may be lower, the Wide Area Network speed may vary. The Wide Area Networks run making use of routers that may select the best path with regards to the information for a network node to be reached. Probably the widely-known Wide Area Network would be the Internet.

Metropolitan Area Network

The connectivity between various physically near Local Area Networks together at high speeds with only an area of about estimated kilometers of a few dozen. Therefore, a Metropolitan Area Network enables two distant links connection as if these are located on the same Local Area Network.

A Metropolitan Area Network is created out of modems or switches linked to the other party together with fiber optic cables or high-velocity connectivity links.

Local Area Network

Local Area Network is a group of computer systems which all belong to the same organization and that are interconnected in just a small geographical location where a single network is being utilized, and most of the time using similar technologies such as Ethernet being widely known.

A Local Area Network can be a network in the easiest form. The speed of the bandwidth over a Local Area Network can easily reach up to a Megabyte per second of about 10, likewise in a network for the Ethernet as well as Gigabit per second of 1just like Gigabit Ethernet or Fiber Distributed Data Interface. There are about a maximum of a thousand users and around a hundred users, minimally speaking, within a Local Area Network.

A couple of various running methods can be described as the services of Local Area Network increases:

In an environment known as client/server, users gets services of the network straight from the main personal computer; whereas in a network called peer-to-peer, the communication will be coming from one computer to another, without a main personal computer, and exactly where each personal computer gets the same role to be exact.

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