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History, Basics, and Challenges of Internetworking Technologies for CCNA

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Apr, 2011 22:15:44
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Internetworking Technologies History

Based on the information gathered, attached terminals and mainframes used made up time-sharing networks which are said to be as the first networks. Both the architecture of Digital network and Systems Network Architecture (SNA) of International Business Machines (IBM) had implemented these network facilities.

With the revolution of personal computers, the LANs or Local Area Networks have changed dramatically. The emerging need for messaging, files exchange, printers, and file servers has been the main purpose of Local Area Network for binding a lot of users even within a small geographical location.

On the other hand, for making it possible to connect people from distant locations, Local Area Network was certainly not enough. From there arise the relatively useful system of WANs or Wide Area Network. For Local Area Networks connection, the technologies used are in the likes of radio links, ADSL, Frame Relay, and Automated Teller Machine. Take note that on a daily basis, there arise a number of latest methods for the connection of Local Area Network that are scattered.

Presently, there is a wide use of internetworks that are switched and Local Area Networks that are of high-speed for supporting application that have high-bandwidth such as videoconferencing and multimedia messaging or functions and because they primarily operate at an extremely high speed connectivity.

Internetworking Technologies Basics

We are going to discuss terms and concepts that are fundamental to address the internetworking language that is ever changing and continuously updating to come along with changes in the world of Information Technology. Before we go any further, let us talk about what Internetworking is.

When we say internetwork, it is referred to the procedures, products, and industry used for meeting the obstacles of internetworking creation and administration. Basically speaking, when you say internetwork, this is one large network that function for devices of intermediate networking connection and individual networks collection as a whole.

Now to create an internetwork, there should be interconnection between various network technologies. One industry can use networking devices and routers for an effective interconnection link with various kinds of network technologies.

Challenges of Internetworking

It is not simple to implement an internetwork that can function the way it is intended to be. You must be ready to battle or struggle in between various challenges that will surely come your way, most specifically, when it comes to flexibility, management of a network, connectivity areas, and reliability which will be useful for establishing an internetwork that will be effective and efficient.

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