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CCNA Training Philippines

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 05 Mar, 2011 03:43:51
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There is Cisco Certified Network Associate training in the Philippines that is offered by one of the country’s premiere Information Technology institution widely known as COMPUTER NETWORKING CAREER & TRAINING CENTER, INC. or CNCTC, Inc. that has two branches, one in Espana, Manila and the other location is in Buendia, Makati, Philippines.

The training center is accredited by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA which is the Philippines’ major skills training authority.

Why is it worthy to be trained by CNCTC? Well, that’s a typical question being encountered by anyone who has the interest to enroll for a Cisco Certified Network Associate program being offered by the institution. CNCTC, Inc.’s medium of instruction is widely accepted locally and internationally and it has training that is based on competency emphasizing the training method which is more on hands-on style; it does have instructors who are recognized and adept in the field of Information Technology; has boot camp training that is budget-friendly and with high reliability rate; the assurance that everybody can participate well in the training; students have the rights to keep their examinations with them after completion of the training because testing will be conducted within the site facility; it has the best quality training for Information Technology; and every participant who finishes the training will have the assurance of passing the examination for Cisco Certified Network Associate.

The students’ payment for the course will commensurate for the kind of training and experience they will have as soon as they enroll for the course of their choice, especially, for Cisco Certified Network Associate boot camp course that covers two major topics such as Routing and Routing Technology for CISCO and the other one is Switch and WAN Technologies for CISCO.

The first topic covers 41 subtopics beginning with technologies for internetworking followed by access, distribution, core, and hierarchical model of CISCO; reference model of Open System Interconnection; the physical, network, session, application, presentation, transport, data-link, and review of Open System Interconnection; technologies of the Local Area Network; networks different classes; sub-netting implementation; introduction to the router of CISCO; configuration of the router; devices of CISCO assembling and cabling; Wide Area Network and Local Area Network cabling; connections of the console; choosing switches, products, routers, and hubs of CISCO; sequence of the router startup; router logging-in; commands of the startup; routing basics understanding; the process and definition of routing the Internet Protocol; dynamic and static routing; static routers configuration; routing of dynamic Internet Protocol; protocols of routing against routing; protocols routing exteriorly; RIP routing configuration; Interior Gateway Routing Protocol configuration; and many more surprise subjects.

The second topic will focus on 23 subtopics that will also be beneficial for all students of this course.

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